Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to you!!! This candle smells just like a birthday party, or we can say a party in general that has to deal with cake which of course is the best part of the day. This candle looks and smells delicious. Please do not eat!!!  This candle has one scent, Birthday Cake (white) with multicolor sprinkles.



Fragrance Notes includes a rich buttercream and a creamy vanilla base.



Please note that candles may take 2 - 3 business days before it ships



Dimensions: 3" W 5.25" H with lid!

Birthday Cake


This 16 oz (473ml) Regular Mouth glass jar has 2 wicks. Burn time is 65+ hours!


All candles are hand poured, made with premium all-natural soy wax with all-natural cotton wicks, and high quality essential oils. All candles come with a surprise inside of the candle!


Please allow 2 - 3 business days before it gets shipped.

All candles are made to order!!

Colors may vary slightly due to wax dye!

Lids may vary colors from black, white, gold, silver

Frosting may occur!


Please keep away from children and pets.

Glass jar may become extremely hot if lit for long periods.

Please don't leave candle unattended!!!!